Functional Testing


Functional tests measure published datasheet or source control document specifications including DC & AC parameters. DC test parameters are typically specified in Volts, Amps or Ohms. DC Testing insures proper device operation - acceptable power consumption, basic functionality, verifies data sheet parameters, etc. It provides a reasonable Cost/Benefit trade-off when at least one data sheet parameter needs to be measured to verify functionality. AC test parameters are typically specified in time or frequency (nS, MHz, etc.). AC Testing measures device speed/performance using a periodic signal or clocked test vectors. Combined DC & AC testing provides the most reliable test results and include a comprehensive set of parameters to verify device functionality. AAA can perform all functional testing over temperatures ranging from -65°C to +150°C to verify device performance to manufacturer's data sheet specifications. This capability allows us to upscreen devices to a faster speed grade or wider temperature range.

AAA recommends a minimum of 20 samples and at least 10% of lots > 200 pieces be subjected to Functional Testing. If one or more parts fail Functional Testing, the entire lot should be tested.

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